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I. Introduction
The super strong cement has fast condensation,high strength in early period,light expansion,good negative temperature feather,anti-sulfate erosion,etc.good characteristics.Under the condition of selecting water-reducing agcnt(or buffer)and water & dust proportion,it can be satisfied with the requirements of concrete machinery construction,This kind of cement mechanical strength is at the early period,so as to speced up the progress of construction.It is very suitable with the emergcncy expansion feature,it can be used for prepaing complement contract cement,also a desire material for stopping gush and leaking stoppage.It is widely used for defense tasks and emergency construction,large-scale foundations and burying hole grouting,fast installation,waterproof coating layer of underground architecture,mortar anchors of assembly type reinforcement concrete structure boards and columns,sealing operations of piping and drilling holes,tunnel holes,metro & harbor,highway bridges,airport runing road,and reinforcement strengthening repair,etc.emergcncy enginecrings.

II. Desired quality
1. Fineness:0.080mm square hole is less than 10%
2. Condeusing time:
Primary Condensing:not less than 5min.
Final Condensing:not more than 40min;

III.Attention Items for Use
1. Sperstrong cement condensartion is very fast,when preparing mortar or conerete,it should be finished before loosing plastic feature.So each batch should mix certain quantily,when using,it can be mixed The mixing place should be ner the casing site.At first,everything should be prepared,distribution should be clearly,the operation should be fast,it should be in order.
2. If it is not an emergency engineering which needs to delay the operation time for improving the flowability of concrete or mortar,the water reducing agent or buffer can be added,the common water reducing agent has SN-11,wooden sulphonic acid calcium,etc,the common buffer has taitaric acid and citric acid,etc.,the quantity of which should be decided according to the experiments.
3. Superstrong cement water & dust proportion has wide modulation.when water and dust proportion is too high,it can harden,but h condensing time,strength and expansion will be affected,so the proper water & dust proportion should be determined according to the experiments.
4. As the aluminum sulfate mineral water hydrates very fast,the hydrating reaction will happen at once to form hydrate after adding water,when mixing concrete of mortar,it should be finished once,it can not be added with water in the middle of mixing.
5. The viscosity is bigger after superstrong cemetn mixed with water,the vibrating work should be done by machines during construction,so as to avoid hole in the structures.
6. The concrete structures and cement products made of superstrong cement should be strengthened to protect,after casting,the wet straw bags and other absorbing materials should be covered on it at once to keep the structures out surface moistre,the protection time should be lasted for 24 hours.Even though it has been already used,the protection of it should be kept on within 1 days.not to open in the sunshine.
7. The superstrong cement canbe stored for 3 mnths.the Cement warehcuse shducd be dried soas toavoid moisture.

Name No.
Compression pressure strength(Mpa)
Anti folding gtrength(Mpa)
4h 8h 1d 4h 8h 1d
超早-20 3.6 12 20 1.4 2.2 3.5
超早-30 10 16 30 1.8 2.6 4.5
超早-40 14 20 40 22 3.0 5.5

  • 澳门太阳集团2007
    Adhesion of Fast Repair
  • 應用于金茂大廈
    Used Jinmao Building

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